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Did you know that Facebook now ranks second for traffic generation among all thewebsites on the Internet It is second only to Google in terms of the traffic it gets. Right now, there are approximately 500 million active users on Facebook, and the number is increasing with each passing day. Think about it. This kind of population ismore than most countries of the world. In fact, there are only three countries that have apopulation higher than that! facebook passwords Online marketers have been quite quick to latch on to the immense popularity of Facebook. They know that if they make a presence here, they are opening their business out to the world-getting global exposure in a way that they cannot do by anything else. Studies show that the number of Facebook users have increased by one-fourth over the last year in 47 countries. Naturally, no online marketer worth their salt is going to let this opportunity pass. This has given rise to the concept of Facebook marketing. Most of these online marketers who are making the most of Facebook marketing know the relevance of projecting their profiles in a particular way. That is evident because these people are looking beyond simple social networking. They are trying to build acreditable network, a fan base for their business that they can tap into for their business profits. One of the things that they do is to create a professional business page for themselves instead of the routine profiles that people create on Facebook. These professional pages give out a no-nonsense impression of their business to their target niche. Infact, with the help of recent applications like FB Maxed, it is possible for Internet entrepreneurs to place their entire website onto their Facebook profile. This helps them create the right impression in their market and they can even make these websites with clickable URLs so that interested people can go and visit the real thing. These websites can embed videos right into the Facebook profile page itself. All these things do make a huge difference. With the great popularity of Facebook, the concept of Facebook marketing has gained in strength as well. People are now coming to Facebook with the idea of finding a good product that they would like to invest in. It also gives them a chance to discover a new product and check out the reviews from fellow Facebookers. On the other hand, formarketers, applications like FB Maxed have created an immense potential to take their products out to the niche market. Indeed, Facebook marketing is here to stay! Republished with author's permission by Wayne Austwick http://DreamsOfProfit. com. Check Out Network Markering VT Its New And Powerful See For Yourself===> http://www. DreamsOfProfit. com/rd=cc8Ddd7S Related Articles – Facebook, Facebook marketing, Facebook articles, Facebook blogs, Facebook advertising, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box! Subscribe for free today!

How to Secure Your Facebook and Gmail Accounts

Lately, there is lots of news about various bank accounts being compromised – including the network of the International Monetary Fund, the biggest piggy bank of them all. Coincidentally, there was the news that both Facebook and Google’s Gmail have beefed up their security with two-factor authentication. They both now have optional mechanisms for making sure that your login process is more secure visit us here. Two-factor authentication is called that for a reason: you need more than type in your username and password, something that you have on your person that isn’t easily known to anyone else (like your mother’s maiden name or birth date). Both sites make use of texting you a short string of numbers to your cell phone as part of the login process: once you set this up, as long as you have your phone nearby (and who doesn’t), you can be sure that no one else can login into your account. Older forms of two-factor authentication used small key fobs that had a button: when you pressed the button you got a code number that you used to type in at the moment you were logging in. The number changed every 30 seconds or so, making it difficult to hack. Using a cell phone is much more convenient: the fobs were forgotten or lost. Two-factor authentication has been around for a long time, and lately has gotten a black eye, thanks to the behavior of RSA, one of the leading companies in the market. Their SecurID system was compromised several months ago, and the company has been slow in getting the word out and replacing the fobs for its customers. As a result, several of its competitors have stepped forward and offered deals on replacements. I’ve had a fob for my eBay/PayPal account for several years: I think it cost $10. You can still get them, although there are free alternatives available that can make use of your smartphone from Symantec’s Verisign Identity Protection program.But even better is what Google and Facebook have put in place. If you have a Gmail account (but not a Google-hosted email account, sadly), you can get this set up in about 10 minutes: Go to your account’s personal settings and you should see a menu item for two-factor authentication, and follow the instructions show in their blog. http://googleblog. blogspot. com/2011/02/advanced-sign-in-security-for-your. htmlThe problem is that adding two-factor for your Gmail account will create problems for you for other applications that access your account. If you use your smartphone or Outlook to access your email, you will need to setup these apps to handle the two-factor authentication. If you read your email on a tablet, ditto. So this may not be as easy as you first think. Facebook has taken lots of (deserved) knocks on its security, and it also has implemented two-factor authentication lately. Go to Account/Account settings/Account Security and enter the information requested under the Login Approvals section, at least until they rearrange their menus and put it somewhere else. Two-factor isn’t a panacea, and it does add an extra step. And as the folks at Lockheed found it, it isn’t flawless. But it does offer much better protection than straight username/password click here. If you use Google, Facebook, and Paypal, it is time to start using it. .

Ways Frases Para Facebook Influences Others

Frases para Facebook or phrases to Facebook is about things that you post on your social network. You are making a statement to your friends and also to the world, via the World Wide Web. Here are tips for figuring out what to say, and why this kind of social network interaction is important to so many people. The first thing to remember is, be careful what you write about. You are communicating with everyone on your contact list. Not only that, you are publishing something that the entire world may see. It is best to write down what you want to say in a notebook or in a text document on your computer desktop. This gives you a chance to proofread it. Things that you post on your social network status can have a large effect on others. For example, try to refrain from using obscene language when possible. There are better and more creative ways to express yourself. After all, there may be family and friends who look to you for guidance and inspiration, and this instills a sense of responsibility. Improper language is not only offensive, it shows little creativity. Suppose you walk out of your home and within a short time, you step into something disgusting. You may wish to blatantly tell the world that you just stepped in dog excrement. However, there are more creative ways to express this thought. If you accidentally step in dog excrement, you might wish to express it differently. You could write, “Today does not start out well, as my first steps end up in something that a dog no longer needs or wants. However, I think about this for a moment and then clean off my shoe. The rest of the day has to be much better, as I have the difficult part behind me already". You may wish to encourage others with special thoughts and quotes. This is very easy to do, as you can use the power of the internet. Go to any search engine and search the terms, “famous quotations” or “inspirational thoughts”. You may fill someone’s day with hope and inspiration. If you are not feeling philosophical, you may wish to search the Web for “frases para Facebook". You can come up with a large number of suggestions for cool phrases that friends and family can relate to. You will find funny or witty phrases like, “I’m not cheap, I just cannot afford to be anything else”. Maybe you will find something like, “Whenever I am driving and late for work, I always get behind someone who thinks they are in a parade.” If you take social networks seriously, it may be time to do the same for your phrases. When you express your feelings, make sure that they provide inspiration to impressionable people on your contact list. Social networks are powerful tools of communication, which can have far reaching effects on the lives of others. Your thoughts can change the lives of those in your circle. Frases para Facebook have more power than most people realize. You can find a detailed summary of the things to consider before you post frases para Facebook and a list of the best frases Facebook accepts on our site, today. Related Articles – social networks, share phrases, share quotes, share sentence, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!

The recent attack on Sonys Playstation Network was followed up with a flurry of attacks on a variety of online sites on everything from video game platforms to the CIA. Some attacks were deliberate and debilitating, others for the (alleged) “comedy" value that they gave one of the more prominent hacking groups, LulzSec, including the release onto the Internet of thousands of user passwords. LulzSec recently announced it was disbanding, but thats not either verifiably true or the end of Internet hacking.

So what’s to be done At a larger scale, it might not seem as though there’s much the ordinary user can do to protect themselves. After all, the administration of large online services is up to the providers, right

Not exactly. While it’s true that we can’t control what those companies do, it’s worth noting that many of the behaviours of ordinary users have a profound effect on Internet as a whole. Here’s three simple steps that every single Internet user should follow to help both themselves and the security of the Web as a whole.

1) Keep it updated: Whether it’s operating system updates, new versions of your favourite Internet browser or the signature files of your AntiVirus software, running older, unpatched software provides an easy way into your system for the bad guys. This isn’t just a precautionary measure for your own system data; worldwide millions of systems are compromised and turned into attack or spam vector machines by malware without their owners being aware of it at all.

2) Simple passwords are only for the simple: You’ve probably got a password for dozens of online sites, from banking to Facebook and anything else besides. Remembering passwords is tricky stuff, but having a single login password for everything is just plain stupid. If a system is compromised through no fault of your own, the first and easiest attack on your other accounts is via a single password click here. There’s a number of software utilities that can help with storing multiple passwords securely via a single strong master password, and many of them can help you generate truly strong complex passwords for every single login.

3) Switch it off!: Most compromised systems are done so effectively invisibly; the whole point from the malware author’s point of view is that you don't know it has happened, so they can continue to use your PC as a slave in a larger botnet, or more simply mine it for passwords, personal information and hopefully money. While you should protect yourself as well as is feasible via updates, one of the simplest things you can do to confound any malware is simply to switch your PC off when not in use. Sure, it’s handy to have a PC that flicks to life when you move the mouse or run a finger over the trackpad, but that always-on system is always available to malware authors and hackers as well. As an added bonus, you’ll save a reasonable amount on your power bill.